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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Watching God

Riding to work in the quiet and cool of the morning, at times makes me want to take a right, where I should turn left, and just keep on riding. Looking at the trees, flowers, and clouds, just marveling at the work of God, makes me want more.

One of my favorite books is Zora Neale Hurston's "Their Eyes Were Watching God." While reading the book, I kept looking for the meaning of the title. Then finally, during the hurricane in Florida, it became evident. The movie makes a better illustration. Teacake asks again and again, "Janie, whatcha doing?" She simply replies, "Watching God."

When I'm riding along, and notice even the simply things, like turtles sunbathing, or a flock of geese that have made a field near my house, their home every summer, I smile and whisper, "Watching God," as if someone asked what I was doing.

With all we do, work, the kids, cooking, cleaning, our civic and religious obligations, day in and day out, we fail to notice the beauty and wonder around us, God has so amazingly orchestrated. As humans we are creatures of habit. Driving home, we usually take the same route, every day. Or when going to a specific place we have a route we take.

A couple months ago, while riding my bike, I did something out of the ordinary, mainly because I was bored and I rode the route backwards. It was the same route, but from a different perspective, and on the opposite side of the street. I saw things I never noticed before!

I then decided take a different route home, and to the places I frequent most, seeing the sights. Yes, the sights in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. I'm going God watching. I encourage you to slow down, take a different route, and watch God, for yourself. You'll be surprised what you will see.


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