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Friday, March 15, 2013

No More Space Available

Screen shot of my phone's apps
A few days ago, I received a notification that my iPhone's storage was nearly full. What?! How?? Really??? Was my reaction. Several videos, and pictures, along with apps are the culprit. Instead of trying to figure out what apps I could live without and delete... I started inquiring about how to increase my storage space.

There is still so much I want to do, download and explore... you understand. Even the apps that I don't use that often are there for me when I'm ready to use them. I thought I'd eventually get around to the others I haven't used yet.

My favorite apps include:

Twitter and Facebook are the two apps I use the most to stay connected. Facebook was my first experience with social media, and eventually I joined Twitter as a way to promote my blog post. Both are like dear old friends to me.

The factory camera, along with Camera Awesome are necessities. Both apps take still pictures and videos, which is a must have! Since having the iPhone, I no longer haul a still camera and a my Flip video camera in my purse. The Flip doesn't see much action these days, unless I'm recording an entire event, or one of the girl's games.  

Who knew Instagram would be so much fun?! I enjoy taking pictures and posting them, as well as seeing what others around the world are posting. It inspires me, and at times make me cringe at how much people share. But for the most part... Love it!

I have one game, and one game only on my phone, Words With Friends. Several years ago family members introduced me to Scrabble, and every time there is a family get-together, rest assure there will be a Scrabble board. Words With Friends lets me play a Scrabble like game with people all over the world. I've even played a high school classmate I haven't seen since high school. How cool is that!

For fitness I enjoy the benefits of Run Keeper. Its GPS keeps track of where I am, how far I've gone, and my speed,  as well as how many calories burned. Instead of counting laps, I just hit the pavement. With Livestrong's MyPlate I track all of my exercise, along with the intake of calories per meal.

The Holy Bible, allows me have the word handy without having to carry around a huge bible. It takes only a few seconds to find the book, chapter and verse I'm looking for.

Last but not least, and the most used is the AllRecipes app! When I don't know what to cook, or just need a list of ingredients... It's all in one place. There is a grocery list feature that makes things so easy! More often than not, I'm in the kitchen with my iPhone instead of a cookbook!

Eventually, I had to let a few apps go, until I can figure something else out. Have you reached your phone's capacity of space? What apps can you NOT live without?  


Hangingwithangie said...

Girl download your pics and videos onto your computer. That will free up a ton of space. Or get a memory card wit 32GB.

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