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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Height, Clothes, and a little Shrinkage

During the summer between fifth and sixth grades I hit a growth spurt. I went from being short, to tall in just a few months. Five feet two and-a-half inches at 12 years-old was tall. My family is on the average side of tall, and everyone thought I was going to follow suit. Why wouldn't I? My father is about 6'1, and my mother 5'8.  

The thing is... I've been that exact height EVER SINCE!!! I have not grown one.inch.since!!! Enough of the back story... Let's spring forward to last week.

I stopped by the mall looking for a particular kind of warm ups for my daughter. And wouldn't you know it, I stumbled on a sale. Not just any sale but a $5 sale! Yes, I found her warm ups, and really nice workout gear for myself... all $5 a piece. I ended up with two pair of long yoga style pants, and three pair of fitted tight like pants, along with tops! I felt like I had won the lottery.

Of course I had to model my new digs for my family. That's when I realized the yoga pants were really... really long. No problem. Most of my pants have to be cut off or hemmed. There was no way I was going to attempt do either to these pants. Can you even hem spandex/polyester?
Instead I got the bright idea to shrink them.

After finding the directions How-to Shrink Polyester and Spandex, I went to work. Bam!!! It worked... for one pair, so I'm back to the drawing board for the other.

Do you ever have to alter your clothes before wearing them? What are the best, or craziest methods you've used?


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