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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Up For The Challenge

I'm into the 6th week of consistently exercising. Three days a week I attend the Body Pump and Body Vive classes at the gym, along with walking three days a week. One of those days I walk with our local Black Girls Run group , which has been a great!

Yesterday, our state ambassador for Black Girls Run issued a challenge... Complete 100 miles for the month of December. I'm all over it, that is so doable!

This challenge is perfect, and comes at a great time. With the holiday season in full swing, snacks, goodies, and food will be every where I turn. Committing to walking/running 100 miles will help me to not over eat too much, and burn the extra calories I do consume.

My initial challenge of losing 10 pounds in 10 weeks isn't going so good. I'm hitting the gym regularly, and walking at least 12 miles a week, but I haven't lost ANYTHING!!! And that is very frustrating. I've learned that my diet may be the culprit. Although I'm not indulging in unhealthy foods, I'm not keeping a good schedule of eating. My friend seems to thinks I'm starting to gain muscle from my gym workouts. She tells me muscle weighs more than fat. But... I want to see that scale MOVE!!!

Because we eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and very seldom fry our food, I didn't think my diet would be an issue. Clearly... it is! This week I'm planning my meals, and snacks. Hopefully, I can still hit that 10 pound mark by the first week in January. If not... I'll just chose another date!

How do you manage your fitness and weight loss goals during the holiday season?


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