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Monday, July 2, 2012

Open Letter To Summer

Dear Summer,


I am begging you, please slow your roll. What's your hurry??? June has literally flown by, and we've started on July. If last month was any indication of what to expect for this month... I'm in trouble.

We've taken the girls to Texas for University of North Texas' girls basketball camp, they've  National Baptist Congress of Christian Education Conference, in St. Louis, and Mr. Husband took them to Tulsa, for Oral Robert's University's girls basketball camp. And they're not through!

Although they have enjoyed themselves, and done way more than most kids, I still want to do some of the "fun, fun" summer things. I've taken the time to at least dream about doing a few things our state has to offer. Between the girls busy schedule, and me teaching summer school... it's up to you to slow down.

If you  keep up this sun up... sun down pace you've established, it will soon be time for school to start. I'm so not ready for that.

So think it about, talk it over with the other seasons, and see what you can do... please and thank you!


agapewoman said...

Yes summer is breezing by and we haven't done half of what I wanted to do. We are moving to another city at the end of this month and I'm in the packing mode.

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