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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Miracle Bean

Having lived in Arkansas all of my life, I've passed soybean fields more times than I can remember. There were times, I didn't even realize they were there. After the Bean2Blog event, sponsored by the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board, I realized we're oblivious to just how much soy impacts, or could impact our everyday lives.

Soy can be found in cleaning products, eco-friendly paints, as well as candles and candle products. In the top right picture above Ron and Connie Locke of Lock Stars Soy Candles gave us a demo of soy candles. They are so fragrant, and burn hours longer than other candles.

Soy is also used in health and beauty products such as deodorants, face and hair care products, lotions and soaps. Bottom picture on the right Faye and Kimberly students at University of Arkansas shared their knowledge of soybean production, and plant science. We sampled a soy lotion bar Kimberly made.

P. Allen Smith shared that the walls in his home are insulated with a soy and denim foam, and the paints are a brand that incorporates soy. The animals on his farm are fed with feed that use soy protein.

As the population of the world continues to grow a more sustainable system to feed the world is necessary. Soybean is playing a part in feeding the world. In areas where milk isn't as plentiful or accessible, soy milk can provide the nutrition needed. Above left Mrs. Carroll, wife of Brinkley, AR farmer Jim Carrol demonstrated just how easy making soy milk can be. One cup of soybeans can yield a quart of soy milk.

The previous post I shared that I ate edamame, and tofu. The chef prepared Pork Tenderloin, with soy succotash, and baked potato with spicy tofu topping. Pictures five and six, P. Allen Smith showed us how to prepare two simple edamame dishes. Later we shared in spinach/artichoke/tofu dip.

After lunch we planted a row of edamame in P. Allen's vegetable garden (pictures four and seven, Jim Carrol in red shirt). Behind that row were the most beautiful, and delicious blackberries. I ate them right off the vine!

Bean2Blog was full of great information. I won't drive by a field of soybean without noticing, or remembering my experience. Do you know if there is soy in your favorite products?


Jerusalem Greer said...

I really loved meeting you! Let's stay in touch!

panamamama said...

So fun! I wanna go next year!

Annie Haven | Authentic Haven Brand said...

wonderful post I'm a #garden2blog11/12 and have had fun following all of you who attended #bean2blog Allen's a wonderful soul

Single PAP said...

soybeans are genetically modified and you really should avoid them as much as possible. read into it and take care

Single PAP said...

soybeans are genetically modified and you really should avoid them as much as possible. read into it and take care

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