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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Over The River, And Through The Woods

I love having a GPS system. Instead of calling for directions, or getting on the computer to look them up, I simply set my location and go. A very nice lady, Miss GPS, tells me where to go, when to turn... No problem, no hassle.

That was until earlier this week.

Headed to my daughter's basketball game, I knew how to get to the city we were going to, but I had no clue where the high school was. After inputting the address, the kids and I hit the road, to meet Mr. Husband there. Thirty minutes into the drive, Miss GPS told me to turn left. But Mr. Husband had already given directions to turn a few miles later.

We finally arrived at the game, after being caught in terrible traffic, and 30 minutes late.

After the game, I set Miss GPS for destination home. Like getting to the school, I had no idea how to get back to the highway. This time, she didn't take us back the way we came. We went left... right... right... right... Around a corner, through back woods, up a hill... down a hill... right turn... NOTHING looked familiar, but I continued to drive, and follow her directions.

Miss GPS took us the way I wouldn't initially go. Finally she lead us back to a familiar highway, and from there I shut her down. Like a homing pigeon, I returned to my roost.

Sooner that right away, I will be updating Miss GPS. I don't ever want to have that experience again. It felt like I we were being lead into a horror movie, with a very bad ending.


hangingwithangie said...

Girl I don' t know what I do without mine. I use the navigation on my phone and I love it. So much better than mapquest. The fact that you don't even have to look at it. It just says, In 400 feet make a right. It's the greatest. I'll have to give my lady a name.

MOMSWEB said...

The problem with the GPS system is that she is a woman and women are moody and we change our minds ALL.THE.TIME., so Miss GPS is no different. Personally, I'd rather look it up on the computer. I have a problem with another female telling me where to go. LOL!

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