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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm Walking

Last year, I created a 28 Day Challenge, pushing myself to write a fresh new blog post every day in February. It's February again, and this year it's a 29 Day Challenge.

Like millions of people on January 1, I set goals, (not resolutions). Included in those goals were lose weight, start exercising/working out, and become healthier.

January has come and gone, and I haven't lost any weight. I thought about exercising (but I don't think that counts), and I haven't gotten any closer to becoming healthier. Yesterday, a conversation with my mom kind of sparked a little something.

She reminded me, I had the perfect schedule. I could walk mornings after the kids leave for school, and still have plenty of time before going to work. True.

Then she got started on my affair with Coca-Cola. If I cut back on drinking Coke, I could lose a few pounds, reduce my risk of various health issues, and save a few dollars that could use for a gym membership, she said. True again.

I listened, opened my Coke, and sat at my computer.

This morning, I could hear her voice in my head replaying our conversation. After the kids were gone. I took advantage of this lovely spring like weather. I strapped on my shoes, and hit the door. I walked 30 minutes, for a total of 2 miles.

Instead of drinking a Coke today, I'll make cranberry tea. I've not giving it up, but I will cut back, then we'll see how it goes. I'm committing to two Coke-less days THIS week. That's all I can promise.


ichoosethesun said...

Good for you! Baby steps is all it takes. Looking forward to daily posts :)

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