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Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Confession

Those five pounds I lost before leaving for Blogalicious... I've gained back, plus a couple. And I was doing so good. My excuse is the girls have started playing basketball, and at least four nights a week for the past two weeks we've had one basketball game or another. And since time has fallen back, I've really been out of sorts. I sit down, and within 30 minutes... I'm sleep. Thank goodness for dvr.

My delima is still the same as when I started this weight loss journey with the start of a new Biggest Loser season, my clothes are tight. A few of my pants make me feel like a sausage stuffed in its casing... Not comforatable!

I need clothes, but I refuse to buy NEW ones. My plan is, still work on losing weight, and go to resale and consignment stores and find pants. It makes no sense to spend money on brand new clothes I won't be able to wear in a few months. Right?

When I find the time to scout out a few resale shops (because basketball has us so busy), I'll fill you in on my finds. By the way, my girls are not just on the team, they're true ballers, and I have video to prove it!


Step-parent's Cove said...

I truly understand. I really need to take off about 100 pounds. I don't look like I weigh do much but I do. I said to self that I will start after the holidays. LOL's. said...

It stinks when you gain weight back you have lost. Don't let that stop you! Eat healthy but more importantly, you have to keep moving. Give your body time to adapt so that your metabolism will kick in for those days when you can't fit in a workout. Helps reduce the chance that you will gain weight that you have already lost.

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