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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Going Pink For The Cure

In September, Governor Mike Beebe declared October 7, as Arkansas GO PINK FOR THE CURE DAY, (the 2011 proclamation). It's an effort to get the entire state involved in breast cancer awareness.

I am an advocate and supporter of breast cancer awareness, and any opportunity to color my hair is welcome. Yes, I actually sprayed my hair pink... only the front. And I wore it to work. I got a few odd looks, but not as many as when I wore the pink wig last year.

This year I will miss Arkansas' Race For The Cure, but you don't have to. You still have time to register, and participate. Check out my past post after the 2010 Race For The Cure.

What are you doing to promote breast cancer awareness? There are several ways you can get involved. Start today!


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You look great!

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