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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Digging The Grass

This morning Good Morning America did a very inspiring piece on Steve Jobs. Not so much about his recent passing, but that he lived. They showed a clip of him speaking at a graduation, after being diagnosed with cancer and treatment. Two things he said stood out in that clip that will stay with me forever. One the quote above, and "Stay hungry. Stay foolish."

Shortly after the Steve Jobs piece, there was an interview with Amanda Knox's dad. She recently returned from Italy, after being accused, and cleared on an appeal, for the murder of her roommate. One of the things she wanted to do when she got home was lie in the grass.

Both of those interviews really got me thinking this morning about doing things I want to do while I have a chance. For a little more than 3 years, I've had a list of simple things I want to do. One of them is dance in the rain. It's not raining today... but I started thinking about when I was a kid, and how we'd roll around in the yard, and just lay there laughing and talking. I wanted to feel that again.

Yes, I went out side, and laid in the grass. It's not as much fun as having someone with you to laugh and talk with. While relaxing there, I thought about a little something I'm missing out on today. A something I can't get a redo on... I'm going to make it happen!


Footprints of Peace said...

Great post! It does give you something to think about, and inspires a person to make everyday dreams become a reality.

Sporadically Yours said...


Thanks for your post on remembering Steve Jobs. It's a beautiful day here. I think I'm going to see if I can get my girly girl self to lay in the grass and take a picture.

P.S. I LOVED playing in the rain when I was little. The only thing I hated is that my grandmother had me put on a swim cap to do it ;-)

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