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Friday, May 27, 2011

Feeling A Little Beachy

It's been almost two weeks since our semester ended. I've been doing the domestic goddess thing cooking, cleaning, washing...

Now I'm having a hankering for something different. I REALLY want to be on a beach, somewhere, anywhere! I want a scene straight out of the movies. You know the one... walking hand in hand with Mr. Husband at sunset, running out of the water with a bikini, and sitting under an umbrella sipping something non-alcoholic and tropical. *insert screeching train halting sound*

Cancel all the romanticism.

Mr. Husband really doesn't care about the beach, or playing outside. I'll settle for just walking along the beach , or sitting close to the water with a notebook, penning something profound. *Ha!*

The point is, I WANT TO GO TO THE BEACH!

Right now, I'll settle for a lake, any lake, or even the Arkansas River.


Krystal Grant said...

I really, really want to go to the beach as well. We have our vacation planned for the week after my birthday (June 13) and I can't wait. But unlike you, I haven't done a lick of cleaning. I've just been laying around the house watching the dirty clothes pile up.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Krystal - LOL, those dirty clothes can take on monster like characteristics! I try my best to keep it in check!

Angie said...

I want to come to the beach also. Usually we go to the beach this weekend,but we have to move!

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