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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What I REALLY Want In A Cell Phone

Recently, I've been thinking. When it comes to cell phones, I think we're being jipped... taken advantage of... not given all that we deserve!

I like my Blackberry Curve VERY much, but I still have issues with the cell phone industry in general. Many cell phones have met their demise due to water or moisture damage, or some other terrible circumstance. Personally, I've washed at least two. It really wasn't my fault, Mr. Husband knows I don't check pockets, I just wash clothes.
I have a short list of demands I want met, or... I'll think of something.

Waterproofing: If watches, and cameras can be waterproof, surely a cell phone can be too! We've had space missions to the moon, and in recent year even mars. Our cell phones are no longer simple talking devices, they're to mini computers, with all of our "stuff" stored on them. They've become very valuable tools and we deserve more protection.
Schedule text: Hootsuite has spoiled me. Scheduling tweets to post at any time, even when I'm not at a computer is a luxury!. I want my cell phone to have that same capability for texting! That could revolutionize text campaigns! 

Every Christmas, Mr. Husband composes a heart felt message and text it to all of our friends and loved ones. It would be nice if he could compose his message, set the time and day, and forget about it. As simple as that!

I did have a third demand, but it has been resolved. I was simply unaware there is an Otterbox for the Blackberry. Did anyone else know this, and just didn't tell me?

So these are my demands, and I'm sticking to them! What is it you want from the cell phone idustry? I'll add it to my list of demands, and we'll make sure it gets to the right somebody!!!


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