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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Soup's On!

Project What's For Dinner is officially back on, and in full affect!

While planning my menu for the week, I scour through recipe websites, as well as the websites of cooking shows, blogs, Twitter... you name it!  I can spend hours looking for new dinner ideas that are affordable, interesting, and most importantly, that my family will eat!

One of my favorite sites is With so many chefs and shows, there are a ton of recipes, and different types of cuisine (I love that word) to chose from. Last nights dinner was Paula Deen's Taste Like Lasagna Soup.

I absolute love Paula Deen, and as always, her food never disappoints my family. I had no complaints! When planning my menu, our weather was unseasonably warm, in the mid 60s and sunny. I had no idea it would be so cold a few days later. When the kids left the house for school yesterday morning, it was 54 degrees. By the time they came home, it was 32 and dropping. That soup was right on time, and!

Although, no one thought it taste like lasagna, they did like it.

When I started Project What's For Dinner, around this time last year, I was trying to cook three new meals a week. That was a strain! This go around, it's only one new meal a week.

My rating system hasn't changed...

Fork Rating System:

1 - Don't Ever cook that again

2 - Not bad, not good, just okay

3 - Pretty good, I ate it all

4 - Delicious, cook this again

My family gave the Taste Like Lasagna Soup... 4 Forks! I'm off to a pretty good start!


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