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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Something To Prove

In 2009, I walked in a The Capital City Classic 10k, and came in dead last! For a good laugh read Finishing The Race for yourself. Last year, I wanted to take on that race again, and do what I couldn't the year before. But a little tailbone injury stood in my way. This year, I so have something to prove!

Although, I am not a real runner like Wifey, I do want to conquer this particular race. I've had dreams about kicking it in the butt.

The race is April 2, which is a little more than seven weeks. I'm STILL not a runner, but I will be walking, again. I don't have a plan of action, it's really cold right now, and we have snow on the ground *hugh sigh.* It's time that I get it in gear, come up with a plan and Just Do It!

I guess what I'm really saying is... I want to be made. If you have any suggestions, I can use the help! And of course I'll keep you updated on my progress. This should be a fun.


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