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Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Favorite Picture

If you don't know, I've embarked on a self inflicted 28 Day Blogging Challenge. In an effort to find things to write about I visited NaBloPoMo, where I found this prompt: Post a photograph that means something to you, and why you chose it.

My grandparents farm has always been my most favorite place in the world. This tractor sat on their property for years. When it was working, my grandfather parked it in that spot. When it stopped working, it stayed in that spot. As a kid, my cousins and I have spent many hours pretending to drive and ride that tractor. We've shared secrets, as well as lies and other tales, while "riding" our trusty - rusty friend.

A few years ago, a tornado swept through my grandparents property, and in its way was the house, and the tractor. Like something from a movie, neither has been seen since. They were just gone.

At our very first family reunion I took that picture. I'm so glad I did!

Do you have a picture that means something to you?


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