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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hitting The Ground Running

Yesterday, my new walking partner "D" and I hit the pavement. I was so excited! She's done several marathons, and other races, and walks/runs with a running club. She's just the person to get me ready for my come back 10K.

We started at my house, and took a four mile route. Initially I was thinking, should I be walking four miles my first day out. But I went along. We were walking and talking, she doing more of the talking, I was trying my best to keep breathing. Man her legs can go, she's in great shape!

Almost to mile marker one, "D" makes a shocking announcement, "You're in pretty good shape, you'll be ready to run the race."

What you talking bout "D" in my best Gary Coleman voice (in my head), while giving her the side eye. She must not have heard me well, I planned on WALKING! I AM NOT a runner. Then I started thinking, I can be a runner, she said I'm in pretty good shape. And I'm willing to be MADE into a runner.

A little after mile marker 2, "D" suggested we run a little. I smiled, and agreed. And was thinking what in the world am I about to get myself into. The last quarter of the second mile we ran. I actually ran, okay jogged, but the very slow, heavy footed jogging I was doing, is still considered running.

When we reached the end of mile 2, I was out of breath, next door to panting, and wanting to sit down. Oh, no, "D" turned around so quick, and I kept up with her. I was hanging tough, and proud of myself. What I really wanted to do was text my husband, and tell him this woman was trying her best to kill me.

It started to rain slightly, and we ran a little more, and I do mean a little more. I had no more run in me, and was praying a down poor wouldn't come, cause I was about to be drenched. Before I knew it, my first training session was coming to an end. We finished 4 miles, in a few minutes shy of an hour. I was pooped, I would have felt good about myself, but I was too tired.

A little sore this morning, we got out and did it again. This time, there was no running involved, and it was cold. Having someone to share the walk, and motivate me is just what I need. Did I mention "D" is 62 years old?! She's 20 years older than I am, and she's in GREAT shape!

Capital City Classic 10K, I'm coming for you!


Sistergirl said...

I just started walking too. I am going to walk in 3K walk and need to prepare. I find it hard to walk with a partner but its go to hear it working for others.

Nikki said...

Go for you! Running is the next thing on my to-do-list! Keep us informed on your progress so you can inspire me!

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