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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chicken Pai - Who?

Chicken is a staple in my house! My family thinks I've cooked it every way possible, but there are still tons of chicken recipes to try.

Last week while menu planning, I came across Grilled Chicken Paillard with Lemon and Black Pepper , from Food Network's Bobby Flay. Just a few days before, I watched Worst Cooks In America, prepare Pork Paillard. I had to try it.

Paillard: pronounced (pa yar); A slice of veal, chicken, or beef that is pounded until very thin, and cooked quickly. 

I was all for pounding that chicken! The kids thought I was losing my mind, maybe I was having a little too much fun. The recipe was super simple, quick, and very tasty. I made one adjustment... instead of grilling, I cooked it in a pan.

When my girls came in from basketball practice, I was in full swing, and aromas were swirling all over the house. They were tasting dinner before it hit the table.

My rating for this meal: 4 Forks, of course!


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