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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What's On The Menu

Just about everyday, I ask my self, and lately Twitter, #WhatsForDinner? I am forever looking for the next idea to cook for my family.

Out of desperation, February, of this year, I started Project What's For Dinner, to get out of the cooking rut I found myself in. I had this grand idea to bring more variety to my family's dinner experience. I would  cook (1) we'd never had before, (2) I had never cooked, or (3) a new spin on an old favorite.

I even allowed my family to rate the meals. Brave I know. My family can be BRUTALLY honest.

Although I was having a ball looking for ideas to cook, yet I'm still in that place. Sometimes it's easier than others. I started a Twitter Paper, #WhatsForDinnerDaily, this has opened up a world of recipes and ideas! Each day many chefs, cooks, foodies, and foodie wanna-be's like myself are featured in the #What'sForDinnerDaily.

Several times a week, @MommyHatesCooking is featured, and has GREAT recipes and ideas. On Monday's, she and Money Saving Queen, have Menu Plan Monday. This weekend, I went through a dozen or so of their Menu Plan Monday post. I rounded up a few items for this weeks menu to try out on my family.

Saturday night, we made Meaty Calzones. My girls and I had a great time making them. Ours weren't so pretty, but they were delicious!

When it came time for rating it, I got 3 forks = Pretty good, I ate it all, as well as 4 forks = Delicious, cook it again!

Thanks @MomHatesCooking, so far you're a big hit at our house!


Angela Cooper said...

Girl that's the first thing I hear when I walk in the house "What's for Dinner". not "Hi Mommy". My response, "Do you know how to cook a Hot Dog"?????

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