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Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Wishlist

Dear Santa:

Please accept this letter as my official Christmas "Wish List." I've been especially good this year, *ahem* GREAT even! Because I've been so good, the monetary value of my list has increased considerably.

Don't be alarmed at the number of items on the list. I was merely thinking of you, and providing enough options and ideas... just in case. *wink*

1. iPad: I know I've not been much into iPad's, or Apple products in the past but... @Brantc said among other things, it can cook! This baby is a must have!

2. Laptop: I know you're thinking an iPad, and a laptop. Let me explain. The kids are always on my desktop, and I can't watch the Target Lady on Youtube when I need to. If we had an additional computer, along with an iPad, every one could get their work done.

3. Trip to St. Lucia: Recently @HauteTravels Tweeted about great vacay's to St. Lucia. My imagination painted a B-E-A-utiful picture, and I'd like to go there. Please.

4. Ticket to Blissdom11: Seeing how I missed the trip to Blogalicious10, and Blissdom11 is in a neighboring state... You see where I'm going with that! And don't forget about room, AND travel expenses!

5. Korto Momolu's new silver necklace: Page 48, in the December, issue of Essence Magazine, is a picture of the necklace. This item is only $28! You remember her from Project Runway, and we live in the same state.

I know you're thinking, the list isn't so bad. But this is a work in progress. As I find more exciting, and much needed items, I will email, Tweet, or Facebook you. Thank you for your time, and patience.


Krystal Grant said...

Why oh why am I just finding out about the Target Lady? She is hilarious. She reminds me of a Stepford wife! I hope you get all the things on your wish list.

Anonymous said...

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Pammy pam said...

Dear Santa,
As LT's Bestest BFF EVER, i think she should be allowed to take 10 of her best blog friends EVER along on her trip to St Lucia. After all, we are making word peace happen. and besides, we all need a break. bad. real bad.

p.s. i've tried to be good.

Melissa said...

Have you noticed that the Target Lady looks eerily similar to Amy Bradley Hole of

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