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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blogalicious Or Bust

Since last year this time, I've had my heart set on attending Blogalicious Weekend. Can I be real, and tell you I've dreamed about being front and center at THIS conference? 

A few weeks ago, my desk top gave up the ghost, and just quit on me. It was about 9 years old, and this year alone cost me the price of hotel, and conference registration for Blogalicious. Yes, that much! 

So, I HAD to get a computer. I have blogging, Tweeting, Youtubing, and other social media stuff to do. My 'My Blogalicious' post couldn't be done every week without a computer. And of course, I do the occassional work related things, and the kids have homework.

I'm having mixed emotions, the computer is WONDERFUL! *smile* But I will miss My Blogalicious. *frown*

I was looking forward to meeting the ladies of Mama Law, the founders of Blogalicious Weekend, and the My Blogalicious Community. Krystal Grant, The Blog Rollers The Chatter Box and Ask Wifey, were also on the list of personalities I wanted to smooze with. It ain't happening this year!

Mark my words... I am attending Blogalicious Weekend next year!

I've printed the agenda for the conference, and I'll be in front of my computer, holding down Twitter, watching the Tweets roll in from #beblogalicious. 

Now, I'm planning in advance for next year. And on my schedule I have Blissdom, and Blogalicious Weekend. Maybe, just maybe, I'll see some of the Blogalicious ladies in Nashville.


MOMSWEB said...

"A few weeks ago, my desk top gave up the ghost..." Okay, you need to trademark that one. That was classic!

Moni @ CL Journal said...

I know how you feel, I'm unemployed and so wanted to go this year, but i've been out of work and looking for a year and a half I couldn't attend. But I plan on going next year!

Funkidivagirl said...

I'm sorry that you couldn't go this year :-( Did you vote on the location for next year (there was a poll on the Blogalicious website)?

I might go to Blissdom...I've never been to that conference before.

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