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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Driving Lessons - A Third Time

Having 5 children, I learned very early, they're all very different. No two of them have the same personality, likes. dislikes, or thought process. 

Now that, I'm teaching child number three to drive, the same holds true. Driving lessons has proven to be a different experience with each! This summer 14-year-old middle daughter declared she was ready to start learning to drive. This was music to my ears. With our son being a senior in high school, and planning to be away at college next year, she could really help me out.  

Middle daughter is my "thinking child." She over analyzes EVERYTHING! I tell her to put her foot on the brake, and she has to think about what I meant. Did she mean just put my foot on the brake, or does she want me to mash it. All while we're barreling toward the rear end of the vehicle in front of us.

I try really hard to be calm, when I'm giving her instructions.

Returning home after a driving lesson, a couple days ago, there was a bag of fertilizer laying in the driveway. Calmly I said, "Go around it, to the left." It lead to... "Go around GO AROUND IT!"  And I grabbed the wheel.

My husband who was outside in the yard, and the two younger girls in the back seat, along with Middle daughter, thought I had lost my mind!

I got out of the car, walked into the house and poured myself a cup of Coca-Cola! Coke is the answer to everything.

Do you have crazy experiences learning to drive, or teaching someone else?


Irene said...

You must have stock in Tylenol.

Both my kids were TOTAL opposites when it came to teaching them to drive.

I refuse to drive with my 19yo. He was a horror teaching to drive and I'm waiting for that early morning phone call.

Which is funny, because it's the 22 yo that I feel most comfortable with in the car and it was this past June I got the call from the hospital that he was in a car accident.

So I'm just waiting for the next one now.

Wish I had words of comfort for you. It's really SO nerve racking isn't it?

Café Chick said...

You are a very brave woman. I don't have kids and haven't taught anyone to drive, but I'd imagine it would be one of the most frightening experiences possible!

LaTonya said...

Ohhh, sweety. Pepsi is the choice of a new generation and that generation was ours! Put that Coke down :) Good luck with the lessons.

panamamama said...

Oh, I'm scared now. My 13 yr old is already telling me how she can get her permit in March. ARGH. I remember my mom making me learn (at 16) and then freaking out and she ended up paying for driving lessons...

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