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Monday, August 9, 2010

Little Rock CheeseburgerHer

Katie McManners of (Not) Coming to a Uterus near you
I have been so jealous of the blogger community in Atlanta. They always have something going on, and it has made me want to move to Atlanta just to be a part of it. If it's not The Blog Rollers, or The Broke Socialite, it's Talking With Tami, and there are others.!

Saturday night, I attended a women's blogger gathering in Little Rock. Yes, Arkansas!

At the 2007 Blogher conference in Chicago, a tradition was started. McDonald's cheeseburgers were eaten, and the paper bags... were worn on heads. Now, the CheesburgHer is an official event sponsored by McDonald's.

On Saturday night, coinciding with ChesseburgHer in NYC, about 25 ladies gathered in Little Rock, for a CheeseburgHer of our own, hosted by Kyran Pittman.

I had a great time. We talked, laughed, ate McDonald's cheeseburgers, and talked some more. As you can see there was wearing of the bags. Of course there was swag, what's a blog event without swag?! 

Cynthia Moody & Vicki Brain of
Stick Horse Cowgirls
I was so excited to meet other women bloggers in Arkansas! Hopefully, this will be the first of many.

(Picture inset are left- Michelle Shellabarger, and Alison Chino Right - Lindsay Irvin, Natalie Ghidotti and Kelcie Huffstickler)

Thanks to Middle Sister Wines, Clutter diet, Bath Junkie, and McDonald's for making this a great event!


Christina said...

Im SO sad that I didnt know about this! i would have loved to go :( It looks like you guys had a great time. Im keeping it in mind for next year!

Stephanie Johnson McCratic said...

I wish I would've spent more time getting to know you (or talking to you at all). The whole night was so much fun and by the time I got home I was sick of hearing my own voice I'd talked so much.
Next time I'm singling you out. Feel free to run away at will. Your blog is FABULOUS!

Ernie Bufflo said...

So glad to have met you! We're gonna have to have more of these events!

Gerbera Daisy Mom said...

Can you belive I forgot to grab my bath junkie treats??!! Drats!
so much fun!! Wish I could have chatted with you!

Soozietoone said...

We seem to share a common thread: we had a great time but didn't get to know each other better. Hopefully this will be the first of many gatherings -- we could start a BlogChicks potluck or something. In the meantime, I look forward to getting to know my fellow bloggers through your writing.
p.s. I smell VERY good right now thanks to my bath junkie lotion.

Angela Cooper said...

And while you attended CheeseburgHer in your state, I was attending the one in NY on Sat night as well. Only I didnt make a hat.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Yes! A great time! And, Yes! We must do it more often. C

African American Mom said...

Really sad that I have been out of the blogworld for sometime. This event looked like something that I would l have loved. Yay for Arkansas Bloggers! I want to go to the next one! I hope you keep me posted.

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