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Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Am Ready For Some Kick Ball!!!

Each summer our church has Homecoming & Family Day. It's a two day event that kicks off on Saturday with food and fun! Last year was THE.BEST.EVER! The grownups and kids played kickball together!

Last year, I didn't go prepared to play kickball. I wore jean capri's, and flip-flops, and somehow got in the game. Next Saturday, is Homecoming & Family Day, and we're playing kickball again!

Before last year, I had not played kickball since middle school maybe?! That was a long time ago! It was just like riding a bike, I jumped right in, and played... alright.

I have to admit, the next morning, I was a little sore! I ran bases, and I am NOT a runner!  Balls came my way, and I had to throw it. Muscles were used, I forgot were there, but they reminded!

Today, I have one week to get ready! I've been taking tennis lessons, and have built up a little stamina. This week I'll train in preparation. On the schedule is short sprints, and stretching exercises. I'll also practice catching and throwing! This year, I'll dress properly, and play better than alright.

Watch out, here I come, ready to get some kick.some.ball!

And if you're in the neighborhood, you're invited too.


Tyrone said...

We had a kickball tournament at work...two people pulled hamstrings, and everyone was sore the day after. Clearly, we all work too hard!

La'Tonya Richardson said...

That is the very reason I planned to wake everything up BEFORE the game. I'm a year older than last, and things have a one or two aches and pains. I refuse to be stiff and achy the next day!

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