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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All Hail The Mayor

I am the Mayor of my Wal-Mart!

For a couple of weeks now, I've actively checked in on Foursquare, all over town. I was a little sceptical, not wanting to get into something else. After I learned I could be the mayor of Wal-Mart, I was intrigued, and it was on!

I've collected a couple of crowns, for the branch of my bank, and a gas station I frequent. Someone else held firm to the crown of the Wal-Mart Mayorship, and I wanted it! Finally, this morning, it.was.mine! Bwahahahaha, (insert evil laugh.)

I wrote a short speech, wanna here it? Here it goes... I would like to thank everyone who made this possible. I will take my reign as the Mayor of Wal-Mart seriously, and will rule with honor, dignity, and grace. Thank you, and thank you. (Bowing graciously, waving to my subjects).

Excited about becoming a the Mayor, I tweeted it. TyroneM of Excuse Me While I Ramble  thought it would be nice if the Mayor could jump the line. I'm on it! A Mayor should have privileges. Right?

Do you Foursquare, and what are you the Mayor of?


Drama Queen said...

Greetings from Guatemala!

I DO FourSquare, altho I always forget to check in, and so I am not the mayor of anything.

Perhaps Guatemala would count, and I can claim to be the mayor here!



Geek.Girl.Wife said...

All hail the mayor! I foursquare, but am nit the mayor of anything...yet!

Chaotically Calm said...

What what, Walmart has individual Mayors??? Oh wait, Hey La'Tonya or should I say Your Majesty!

But seriously when did this start happening, cause I feels all behind the time. And is foursquare a place or a thing. You can see I'm lost and out of place and I don't like that.

You have to bring me up to date on this here thing. By the way super duper congratulations. Wear this honor well and help out the little guy now that you're on top!

Tyrone said...

The gym, the park, my job, my train station...and a few places I shop.

I have no rewards yet for my faithful devotion to where I shop though.

*kicks rocks*

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