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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's The Last Day Of School!

Boooyah! The last day of school is finally here!

It's been nine long months. Actually, the time flew by. If you remember, I wasn't happy about school starting last August at all. I'm looking forward to not having to wake the kids up early, and fuss continually. Each morning I'm like a broken record.

Get up... get up... get up...

It's 6:15... It's 6:30... It's 6:45...

Out the door... out the door... out the door...

Do you know how much energy it takes being the time keeper, the general, and the usher. I need another full nights sleep after that. Then I have to get myself ready for work. Whew!

I'm also looking forward to a Summer adventure. In March, we had THE BEST SPRING BREAK STAYCATION EVER!

I made a list of things I wanted to do, and we did only one of them. So for the summer, I'll make another list of things "I want to do with the kids," and do something totally opposite. That seems to work for us.

So for all parents who feel like I do about summer vacation, lets raise our Coca Cola, tea, or lemonaid and toast to a great summer.

YaaaaHoooo It's Summer Vacation!


Dee Crowe said...

Hooray for summer! I'm looking forward to a busy summer...the busier the daughter is, the less I hear I'mmmmmmm soooooo boreeeeeed!

Staycations sound like a good idea..I've never tried it but this might be the summer for one!

Mrs. Claus said...

One more day of final tests here and then SUMMER! Woo hoo! I'm not my daughter's alarm clock, but I am for my son. Since he's been out of class (college) for a few weeks it's really been nice.

Anonymous said...

Raising my glass of Iced Tea to you. We still have 3 weeks to go, but at least the homework has come to a halt and now the field trips will begin. I'm so looing forward to not getting up at 5:30. 7am wake up time is sounding so wonderful right now.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Dee - I know... don't you just hate when they claim they're bored! I have a million things to keep them from getting bored starting with cleaning the patio, reorganizing the attic, washing clothes! The clothes can keep them busy for a week!

Mrs. Claus - I wish my kids would get up on their own. If I left it up to them, they'd be truant, and I'd be in trouble.

Angela - THREE MORE WEEKS OF SCHOOL!!! You must be kidding! I started teaching summer school at the University today. We'll be close to finishing the 1st summer session by then. Tell that school to give those babies FREE (in my best Amastad voice).

Krystal Grant said...

You have NO idea how happy I am that it's finally summer vacation. I cried my way through these past 9 months! And now, I'm not going to give my job one ounce of my mind this summer. Whooo Hoooo!

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Krystal- I have an idea about how happy you are! I'm thrilled it's finally summer vacation!

Anonymous said...

I certainly understand your excitement about being out for the summer. I'm a former English instructor at the University of Arkansas and know how fun summers in Arkansas can be: such nice weather! I'm now in Madison, Wisconsin (at the University of Wisconsin-Madison) and the weather is not as enjoyable (to say the least). Enjoy your summer!

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