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Friday, April 30, 2010

Too Cool For My Eyes

Look over my shoulder my daughter got in the picture, sticking her tounge out.
Click on the picture to see her.

Yesterday, I went to the eye doctor, and he dilated my eyes. Check out the cool insert shades they gave me. I looked a HOT mess!

After dilating my eyes, I got a chance to pick out new frames. Trying to pick out frames with dilated eyes is a monumental challenge. I couldn't see well through the dummy lenses, everything was blurry and fuzzy. I finally chose a pair of cute frames.

At least I think I picked out cute frames. They looked cute through the haze. I pray they're cute!

When I got home my daughter (the one caught in the picture), asked "Why are you wearing those?"


Drama Queen said...

That would be something that my own daughter would do...

...and I HATE getting my eyes dilated. Hate it.

Did I mention I hate it?! :)

Angela Cooper said...

Being wearing eyeglasses since I was six. I've learned to get to the eye dr. extra early just to pick ou my frames first while I can see.

But gurl, you stll manage to make the flip top shades look good.

Michelle said...

Happy SITS Saturday - it's SITS Saturday isn't it? Anyway, you have such a great blog! I loved the photo by the way. Kids are the same the world Peace. :)

cocoamommy said...

I need to visit an optometrist quickly. The funny thing is I'm trying to convince myself it is the late nights. We gotta love it when our kids do what comes natural-lol!

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Drama Queen - Do you want that one in the window? You could have a set.

Angela - You're just trying to be nice. You know those glasses look a mess!

Michelle -Girl, I just thought it was my daughter. I don't know wheather to be relieved, or afraid that there are more sillys out there like my daughter!

Cocoa Mommy - I tried to convince myself, I just didn't need bifocals. My eyes didn't get the memo.

Zymeth Blues said...

Hahaha! =D You're not a hot mess, but you're a HOT MOMMA in that photo! Maybe that's why your daughter couldn't help herself but stare and stick her tongue out too! Haha! Nevertheless, getting you eyes dilated is such an uncomfortable thing. I'd get annoyed too if I got into that kind of procedure..

Zymeth Blues

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