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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Same Ol', Same Ol'

I don't have a new recipe to tell you about. It's been more of our standards. We've been so busy lately, It's a wonder we've had dinner on the table at all! Last night we ate dinner at 10, in the p.m.

Good news has come out of Project What's For Dinner. Saturday, while planning Sunday's Dinner, and my grocery list, I asked Baby-Girl, what she wanted for dinner. "Chicken & Dumplings," she said.

A smile covered my whole face. Chicken & Dumplings was PWFD #14. That was the first repeat that anyone has requested since I started PWFD. My family rated it, four - 4 Forks, and one - 2 Forks.

Now that the winter is behind us, I'm putting comfort food recipes away until the fall. Warmer weather brings on a slew of possibilities. I'm on the hunt seasonal, quick, and outdoor recipes. That's just to get started. I'm so excited. Spring and Summer are my favorite times of year for many things, especially cooking!

I've never celebrated May Day, May 1, or Cinco de Mayo, and I'd like to do so this year, with dinner. I'd also like to cook a full dinner outside on the grill. I am very excited?

Great things are in store for Project What's For Dinner, and I look forward to sharing real soon. I even want to get you involved.

Did I say I'm excited?


Drama Queen said...

I'm excited, too, to see what you come up with for dinner...!

And I like the idea of putting my hubby in a wrestling hold tonight to pay him back for kicking me last night. ARG! My insomnia has been terrible and I can't believe he did that!

Enjoy the beautiful weather - and cooking! :)


Anonymous said...

tonight it will be chicken nuggets and french fries carefully smothered with ketchup to make it a delicious finger licking experience.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Drama Queen - I'm looking in every magazine I come across, recipe books, the works! I'm treating it like a scavenger hunt!

Angela - Girl, you are nuts! LOL I was just reading, and stopped. I just laid over on my desk howling!Carefully smothered with ketchup, shaking my head.

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