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Monday, April 12, 2010

Numbers, Dollars, and Sense

Last week, we finally turned in our tax information to our CPA. I know, it's late, and we got it in by the hair of our chiny, chin, chins. But it was Mr. Husbands fault!

Today, I got the call. Our taxes were done, I just needed to pick it up, both of us sign it, and return it tomorrow. I have said before, math (that includes anything that was to do with math and numbers), and I are not friends. We are not even on speaking terms.

When I got there, Mrs. CPA took me into her office and explained our return, I nodded, and smiled when I thought it was appropriate. But I didn't have a clue what she was talking about!

Mrs. CPA was talking to me, as if I understood the words that were coming from her mouth. All I heard was womp, womp, womp, womp, womp.

She came across something she needed clarification for, and excused herself to ask Mr. CPA. We've used them for the past 17 years, and totally trust them. All I wanted her to do was tell me if there would be a refund, or payment, show me where to sign, and send me on my way.

I'm glad she wanted to explain. But I learned a long time ago, let the professionals do what they do best! I won't question her number crunching abilities, and she can leave being Wonder Woman to me. :)


Café Chick said...

I agree - Wonder Woman has enough else to do instead of taxes! :-)

African American Mom said...

I hate tax time. That is all.

Fat said...

very smart concept for a blog. there are many women who can relate and who can really use an inspirational, upbeat role model like yourself. i am now your nest follower!
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ericka @ alabaster cow said...

hi from the MBC!

that meeting sounds like my worst nightmare - math and aren't on speaking terms either :)

Stesha said...

My husband loves these types of meetings. While I would have been trying to hurry it along...he would have asked all types of questions. Tax season is the worst season.

Hugs and Mocha,

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Cafe Chick - LOL, I'm tired just thinking about all I have to do. ;)

African American Mom - I bet I hate it more. We itemize!

Erika - Thanks for stopping by. That MBC ROCKS!

I'm finding out more people are like me, hate math.

Stesha - Mr. Husband likes them as well. He understands numbers very well. Somebody has to right?

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