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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kicking & Screaming

Project What's For Dinner #14 Chicken & Dumplings
I haven't posted about Project What's For Dinner in a while. But that does not mean I'm not cooking. Every week, I'm trying something new on my family. Although I'm excited to try different things in the kitchen, my family doesn't always share in my excitement.

I was so pumped about PWFD #15 - Tuscan Chicken. I never used cooking wine before, and this recipe called for it. I think I'm more excited about using new ingredients.

Since starting Project What's For Dinner, cooking has become more of an experience than a chore. And my family... lets just say they're going to experience it with me if I have to drag them kicking and screaming!

Like I said, I was excited about cooking Tuscan chicken. I had no plans of telling the family exactly what I was preparing, or its ingredients. And no one was allowed in the kitchen!

When dinner was ready, I was beaming with pride. To accompany the Tuscan Chicken, I prepared pasta, and California blend vegetables. The gravy from the chicken was to go over the pasta. Perfect right? NOT!

Before anyone even tasted it, they were sizing it up. My comeback was quick and snappy, "You've had chicken and gravy before. Just eat it."

Upset, and frustrated, I didn't even take a picture of the meal. When they finally ate, I refused to ask them to rate it. What's funny, they ate it all!

Recipe from

PWFD #10 - Orange Glazed Chicken
This recipe is simple, and actually pretty good. My daughter who is hesitant about eating anything not laced in sugar liked it.

Rating: 3 Forks

PWFD #11 - Honey Chicken
While looking through cookbooks, and magazines in Wal Mart, I ran across Sandra Lee's, Semi Homemade Magazine. And in it, I found this recipe.

Rating: Unanimously 4 forks

PWFD #12 - Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin
While making my rounds reading blogs, and commenting, I came across, For The Mommas. She'd made it, and provided the recipe. I had NEVER cooked a pork tenderloin before. I was up for the challenge!

Rating: 3 Forks

PWFD #13 - Potato Crusted Fish
Because this was an unconventional use of instant potato flakes, I was very careful! As the fish came out of the pan, 14 year old middle daughter came into the kitchen. I couldn't help myself, I had to tell her. She became the taste tester, and agreed not to tell the others it was potato flakes.

The first thing they asked, "What's this on the fish?"

I refused to tell, until after they had eaten. Slowly, and hesitantly, they ate it, and liked it! Finally, I revealed the secret, and I could see the relief all over their faces. Funny!

Recipe from Jay Brooks,

Rating: 3 Forks

Fork Rating System:
1 - Don't Ever cook that again
2 - Not bad, not good, just okay
3 - Pretty good, I ate it all
4 - Delicious, cook this again


Chaotically Calm said...

Hey La'Tonya

I like this fork rating. Well you know my situation so there isn't much cooking happening in my kitchen, at least not from me. Now just the other day I was accosted by my brother frying fish for his girlfriend. Can you believe the Little Brother was cooking for that heifer. Ha ha that's a little big sister humor. I told him to stop dating these hookers who can't cook.

Anywho I think I might try out that Tuscan Chicken dish if I ever find time to actually prepare a meal. It's sad I have a relatively decent kitchen but I find the extent of my cooking is a bowl of cereal or making a sandwich. I know I know that's not really cooking.

Side note your chicken and dumplings looks quite tasty...I wonder if you and my brother were in a cooking battle who would win?

Drama Queen said...

Can you come cook for me in my kitchen? The recipes all look great - but more important, I admire your tenacity in getting your kids to try new things! Woot! Good for you!

kristi said...

My husband made awesome chicken n dumplings today. Yummy!

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