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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's For Dinner???

Every day, it's the same question, "What's for dinner?"

I used to say, "Lirocatchamella," and smile. I know, what in the world is liro-catch-a-mella (broke it down so you could pronounce it)? Short version, it's a word my Grandmother used to use when my mother and siblings would ask. It means none of your business.

I can no longer use lirocatchamella on my children, the cute factor wore off a few years back. It doesn't keep them from asking Now I just answer, dinner, or food. When I tell them I hear, "I don't want that," "I don't like that," or the one I hate the most "Not that again."

Mr. Husband asks every blue moon, but it doesn't keep him from huffing, rolling his eyes, or asking, "This is dinner?" Recently he's eaten a bowl of cereal after I've cooked.


Every once in a while, a woman feels like she has to reinvent herself. And this is one of those times! I love to cook, but lately I've run out of ideas, and my family is no help. When I ask what they want to eat, when I'm making my menu, before going grocery shopping, no one has any ideas. Twelve year old middle daughter always says macaroni and cheese.

I love cooking shows. When my family sees me taking notes, they immediately chime in, "We don't want that."

Rachael Ray, Paula Deen, the Neely's, are a few of my favorites, along with Top Chef, Emeril, Martha Stewart, and a few others.

I relate more to Paula, and the Neely's style of cooking. I like a lot of what Rachael does, and aspire to cook like a Top Chef. Martha's food is always pretty, and I like pretty. Some of her dishes, I'd never cook. In the South, we don't eat dandelion greens, we mow them. And collard greens are not steamed, but slow cooked for hours! But, I like her style.

Sunday, I was watching Rachael Ray, and I guess I was too into it, and Mr. Husband says, "Don't even think about it." He tells our friends I use them as guinea pigs. If he had it his way we'd have pinto beans, plain white rice or mashed potatoes every day.

Because I've run out of ideas, cooking hasn't been fun for a while. It's becoming more of a chore. I want to try new things, and the old things new ways. I want out of this rut! While in Wal-Mart I ran across a cook book, Rachael Ray's Book of 10. This book has more than 300 recipes. With 333 days left in the year, I'd never have to cook the same thing twice.

If I cooked three new dishes a week for the next 47 weeks, (including this one), from one source or another that's 141 new meals. That's doable! Project What's For Dinner is in affect, starting tonight!

My friend Leslie and I have the same problem, and we're doing this together.

I'll keep you all posted through blog posts once a week, Twitter and Facebook. This is going to be fun. We'll see how many nights, Mr. Husband eats cereal. Get ready guinea pigs!


Krystal Grant said...

I love cooking shows too. Paula Dean is my girl! And the Neely's are so funny. I love Giada too, but I'm notadvanced enough in the kitchen to make any of the meals they cook. I have about 5 meals that I rotate throughout the week. And when the kids get tired of those meals, off to McDonalds we go! Good luck with the new meals.

Drama Queen said...

I love cooking shows, as well! This sounds like a great idea!

It's so bizarre that you would post about cooking - my post today is about my 10-year old daughter's "attempt" at cooking her breakfast this morning. She made macaroni & cheese - or so she tried, She didn't quite succeed.

Have a great day! :)

African American Mom said...
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African American Mom said...

I go through the same thing at my house. I am going to have to steal your phrase! I'll have to use it on my husbnd too! LOL! I am anxious to know what your family thinks of Rachel Rays meals.

My family would eat fried chicken everyday if I cooked it. Sadly I only fry fish. And even that is every blue moon.

ajgallion said...

Cooking is not only an artistic expression -- but cathartic, too! The other day I made pan seared salmon with a dill butter sauce and yes -- the 1-year-old and the 6-year-old ate it! As a busy mom, teacher, and grad student, cooking is one of my respites and allows me quality time and connection with those who are dear to me.

Homesick Cajun said...

I have a really easy recipe for hamburger steak with mushroom gravy that I can email to you if you'd like! It's my "go to" comfy meal!

cocoamommy said...

Paula Deen is my favorite Food Network cook. I have tried a few of her recipes and have her first 3cookbooks. If you have a chance to visit Savannah definitely go to her restaurant it is worth the trip.

I have this same problem with my kids who are 3 and 9. They eat no vegetables and the 3 yo is a non-meater. The best things with them are pasta dishes(little do they know tomatoes are vegetables). I never tried a Rachael Ray recipe and will be curious to see how the family likes them. Good luck.

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