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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday

Today is Weigh-in Wednesday, for the Rethink Your Shrink Challenge. I was so excited to see how I did in my first week. The first thing after getting out of bed, I hopped on the scale.

Okay... This couldn't be right. I haven't eaten, or drank anything yet. I took off my light weight housecoat and stepped back on the scale.

I moved the scale to another spot on the floor. No change.

To the bathroom. The floor in there is more even, I think.

Here I go, back to the hall. I removed the housecoat again, and held my breath.

Dang, I lost just .8 pounds. Regrouping... That's better than nothing, right? It's a start, and I'm good with that, 147.2 lbs. Next week I'm kicking it in the BUTT!


Drama Queen said...

What are you doing to lose the weight? Diet? Diet alone? Diet combined with exercise?

Hang in there and take it one week at a time - I used to measure - not by the scale - but how my clothes fit.

And some weeks are better than others; it may take a week or two before your body "gives it up" , so to speak!

Keep the faith! :)

Nicole said...

You will have what you say. Be encouraged, the next time you weigh in the scale will be lower. Good luck!

alessandra said...

You know, when you exercise you gain muscles, that are heavier than fat :)

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