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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beyond Recognition

Can you identify these charred remains?

It was once my trash can, and the contents there of.

And whose fault is it?

Mine of course. Yes, I am owning up to the deed. And you know it was not on purpose. The story goes something like this...

Saturday evening, Mr. Husband was not feeling well. He was coughing, and congested really bad. While rubbing him down with vapor rub, I heated two towels in the microwave, to be placed on chest.

Something started smelling, and sure enough, it was my towels. They were slightly burned, as if I was removing something from the oven, and touched the element. They were smoking like burned microwave popcorn, but not as bad. I did just what I would do with a ruined bag of popcorn. I dumped it in a plastic Wal-Mart bag, and took it outside to the trash can.

About forty minutes later, I left with both middle daughters. When I returned about an hour later the trash can was a pile of... you saw the picture. I walked in the house and asked Mr. Husband and my son what happened.

A fire, my son said, "You and those towels burned up the trash can."

My children won't ever let me live that one down! They have teased me, and told ALL of their friends about it. This is one they'll never forget. Years from now, when they all have children, they'll sit around and laugh, "Remember that time Mama burned up the trash can?"

Who would have thunk, hot towels would do that to a trash can? I didn't!


Drama Queen said...

That is too funny and sounds exactly like something I would do.

And it would be really bad if I did it, being a volunteer with the American Red Cross, and all. My fellow disaster volunteers would have a hoot with it!

Glad it didn't turn out more serious! :)

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

See, that's what you get for trying to help out your husband when is feeling sick! Next time, let him suffer!

African American Mom said...

Wow! You are lucky that is all that burned. I can't believe you burned the trash can with towels! LOL!

Deidra said...

Glad it wasn't any worse.

Lynn said...

It's stories like that that live on in infamy for our children! I still have tons of them on my mom. Glad no one got hurt.

My best, Lynn

alessandra said...

How is it possible?

hurstburst said...

Too funny! Why am I starting to get the feeling stuff like this happens to you all the time?

I've tagged you for a fun game today - hope you can play!

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Drama Queen - I am so thankful, it was only the trash can!

Lee - After he fussed a little, I felt the same way, except for the suffering. If he's suffering, that means I'm suffering too... listening to his whinning. LOL

AA Mom - You bet I'm lucky! What you didn't see is behind the remains is a grassy area, in that area is a dried up, dead tree that Mr. needs to cut down. One of the brances of the tree touches the breezeway, that connects the house to the car port. Actually, I don't believe in luck, we are blessed! Had it not been raining, and my son saw a flicker from his window, this post would be very sad!

Deidra - You bet, see above comment.

Lynn - I wish this story would die already. But it looks like it will out rank the cheese on the moon, my kids sit around and laugh about at least once a month. I have a feeling, by the time they have children, the story will change a bit. They'll have the house on fire, and me doing something STUPID!

Alessandra - IDK! I think it will make a good science experiment to recreate, and figure it out. But not with my trash can!

Huustburst - Just every now and again. My students seem to think I have such an interesting life. Yeah right... Booor-ing.

amin said...

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