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Monday, January 11, 2010

Second Opinion

I've finally made it to post,
(Da, da, da, da.....)
Thank you all for reading, commenting, and lurking.
Back to business, it's my 100th post!

Sorry the picture isn't the best. I tried to lighten it, but you get it right?!

After Christmas, Mr. Husband and I stopped by the mall. Approaching the door, I spotted a flier, Dillard's was having a bra sale. "Bra's $9.99, and up."
I was excited! I'm not too busty, and I thought, surely I could find a few bra's at $9.99.

Here's the thing... I had just about given up on bras! Like pantyhose, I think the bra was a man's idea. A conspiracy to keep a woman DOWNn!

In my experience with bras, they've rode up my back, not always held everything while exercising (try step aerobics with a bad fitting bra), and that awful underwire!

Once, an underwire was pocking me so much at work. I went to the bathroom, pulled it out, and went right back to my desk. Little did I know, removing the nuisance would cause the bra to collapse. One breast was up, and the other was down. Last year, I decided, I liked sports bras better. Mr. Husband doesn't seem to think they're sexy!

When seeing the sale sign, I had an idea. Get fitted! Maybe then, I'd know my actual size, and finally get a bra that wouldn't let it all hang out, or over. And I could give the sports bras a rest.

The attendant automatically asked what I was wearing. And I told her, a sports bra. She laughed, and proceeded with the fitting. The verdict... "34 DD, or D," she said.


I thought she was kidding for sure! Over the years I've worn 32B and C, as well as 34B and C. Surely, not a DD or D! She convinced me I am now more of a full busted woman. I told her I would be back for the sale.

I was disturbed by the findings, and decided to seek a second opinion. In the next couple of days, we'd be in near a Victoria's Secret. My plans were to pop in there, get fitted, and then come back and buy the sale bras.

While in Victoria's Secret, my bra specialist, Nikki, (that's her in the picture with me), did her thing. And she also asked, "What are you wearing?"

A sports bra, I told her. And she said that was unacceptable. There are no excuses, for wearing a sports bra on a regular basis. What ever! I'm too old to worry about pushing them up, I want comfort.

Her verdict... a 32B, and she wanted me to try something on. I frowned a little. I knew 32B was wrong, and all I wanted was to be fitted. But I tried on a 32B, Angels Air Push-Up. Didn't work! We then tried 34B, Angels Air Push-Up, it fit better, but no prize.

Finally, I tried on the BioFit, and Body by Victoria! There were fireworks, bells, and whistles! Yes! Full coverage, and sexy. My mind was changed, I no longer wanted to go buy the sale bras, at Dillard's. All I ever want again is the BioFit, and Body by Victoria!

Oh wait, halt... deal breaker, UNDERWIRE. "After two washings, the underwire will start coming out," I told Nikki.

She looked at me as if I had a third eye, in the center of my head. "You don't put good bras in the washer! Wash them on your hand, and hang them up to dry."

I left armed with a little pink card, with my bra size, the bras I liked checked off, and Nikki's name and number. I was satisfied.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

But now you gotta hand wash your braziers......

Café Chick said...

... or you can just buy a delicates bag, hook the eyes together and throw them in with your normal wash. It works just fine. It makes me wonder how there can be such a difference in size, though.

Chaotically Calm said...

Boa Noite (good night in portuguese) LaTonya,

I am hailing you from Brazil these days. Sales people can sometimes be obnoxious when it comes to bra my case I never seem to luck up and find a 9.99 sale. Guess that's the curse of having more than a C cup. And I agree with you totally underwires while being the spawn of the devil had to also be created by some man. Only someone without boobs could think up such a contraption.

Before I forget congrats on the 100th post.

Nicole said...

I haven't been fitted in a long time! I wonder what they'd tell me? Good looking out.

Deidra said...

The right fitting bra is a thing of beauty!

Congratulations on 100!

hurstburst said...

Congrats on #100! Now about those bras - you deserve to treat yourself to some really good fitting ones. It's truly amazing how they can change the way you look. You'll feel sexier, your clothes will fit better and you'll feel like the girls are right where they should be! Also, any decent bra is going to cost you way more than $9.99 - stay away from those!

African American Mom said...

Hand wash.....this must be some bra!

I too have mental anguish over bras.

Tasha said...

Now you are hilarious!!! taking the wire out....i love it!!!

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