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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Magical Beauty Collection

During the Christmas break, Disney's The Princess And The Frog, was a must see. Me and my girls went to see the movie together. I tried to wear my tiara, but they weren't having it. There was some talk about being embarrassed!

The movie was all I expected, and more! We smiled, giggled, and laughed out loud! My favorite character, after Tiana, and Prince Naveen of course, was Ray the firefly. His love for Evangeline, was heart warming.

Exciting... Baby Girl, and I had the opportunity to participate in the Carol's Daughter
"The Magical Beauty Collection," promotion. After all, she is a Princess in training, and Carol's Daughter products are made with natural ingredients, promoting natural beauty.

Having eczema, heavily scented and perfumed bubble baths leaves Baby Girl's skin dry, itchy, and red. Not very princess like. The Magic Collection's bubble bath (Sharing Means Caring), is very lightly scented, and produced tons of bubbles. Most importantly, Baby Girl liked the results, "My skin is soft, and not itchy," she said.

I was excited to try the shampoo, (The Beauty Within), and Conditioner (Inner Shine), all natural ingredients on Baby Girls natural hair. Her hair is very curly, very spongy, and very dry. It soaks up every bit of moisture, and screams for more!

The shampoo is great! It left her hair clean, without stripping. A little even got in her eye, and we didn't have a melt down. Whew, crisis averted! When using conditioner, I used half of what should have been at least a two, to three use bottle. The sponge that is her hair, went to work. I had to use the whole bottle! Her hair is very particular, and could have used much more.

And the results... My little princess.

I flat ironed it myself!

Will I use these products again? Absolutely! If the bubble bath can offer my daughter a pleasure most little women enjoy, without itching and scratching for the next week, it's worth exploring other Carol's Daughter's products.

This blog post was written as part of a promotion campaign, for Carol's Daughter, "A Magical Beauty Collection." I am a participating blogger, and received samples of the collection, free of charge to use and review. No other compensation was received from Carol's Daughter, or any other company.


Anonymous said...

I LOVED RAY the Firefly. My heart broke at what happened to him but to be with Evangeline made me cry. Imagine that, me crying at a kids movie.

Your daughter is adorable. So glad everything worked for her sensitive skin. I too will be looking more deeply into the Carol's Daughter products.

Anonymous said...

I've seen advertisments for these products in Essence Magazine. I wondered how well they would work. My little girl also has sensitive skin, and loves bubble bath. Bubble baths can be a trick, and treat. We'll try these products, and hopefully take all the trick out of bath time.

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