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Monday, October 19, 2009

It's Our Race To Win!

Me before the race

Saturday, was Little Rock's, Sweet 16, Race For The Cure. The fourth largest in the country, 45,000 women participated! It was an amazing sea of pink. I was encouraged, inspired and motivated by all the hoopla, as well as the efforts to find a cure for breast cancer.

Shortly after the race got started, we spotted these three hanging out with the 3 Miles of Men. Of course, I had to make my way to them and take a picture. Guess what... I got caught by one of the local news cameras, and make the evening news, although it was brief.
My girls and I stopped to take a picture with my Dad, who was also in the 3 Miles of Men. He, along with his fraternity, Omega Psi Phi, Inc. supported and cheered women on.

My friend Yaminah, baby girl, and I came across a couple of really cool bikers for the cause. Who's rockin' the pink?!

Just like I said I would, I wore my pink wig. Initially, my girls were embarrassed by it. Mr. Husband didn't make the 3 Miles of Men this year, due to a meeting. Our 13-year-old middle daughter called him after the race to give her report. Once making it to the race, they were no longer embarrassed by me. There were women, and men dressed worse.
I want my children to see me getting involved, and even being a little crazy. It's important that we rally, stand for, and support the things we believe in. And because I/we race for a cure, I want them to continue when they have children of their own.
Wouldn't it be great if a cure for breast cancer is found during our lifetime? You bet it would.
'It's Our Race To Win!'


Café Chick said...

Congratulations on completing the walk! This is such a momentous event to be a part of and, for the record, I love the hair!

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