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Friday, October 2, 2009

I Don't Run

This has been my second week walking, in preparation for the Race For The Cure, as well as to lose weight. Each time I've walked in my neighborhood, I'm greeted by the same little yelping dog, on the next block.

I know the dog is there, but he startles me none-the-less. Yesterday was no exception. Walking across the street from little yelping dog's domain, against traffic, I was caught off guard. He hit that gate, barking like he's four feet tall.

Did he smell me coming, or what!

One of these days, he's going to run into to that gate, and it's going to SWING wide open, causing him to run down the drive way, across the street, and stop at my feet. Then, we'll see just how bad he really is.

I don't run... And I'm not scared!


Blasé said...

Sounds like that 'Dog' needs a good dose of 'Cesar Millan'!

..just sayin'

cardiogirl said...

I do run and I am scared just reading that. Ugh, the idea of that gate swinging home truly has my heart racing.

Good thing you have enough courage for both of us, LaTonya.

Side note: my word verification is sotag. As in So tag, my friend. You're It. Please teach that dog a lesson for me.


mr. nichols said...

As long as you make sure there are some cars nearby to hop on, you should be good (i think). never really tried it. and i guess it depends on how big the dog is. but in any case, you played it right.

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