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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lottery Comes To Town

Yesterday, the lottery started in Arkansas, with scratch off tickets. And Power Ball will roll around October 31.

Yes, I am excited, and I did play on the very first day, buying five $1 tickets.

I know exactly what I'll purchase with my winnings, when I hit it big! There's a piece of land, 50 acres, just off the interstate, in city limits, near baby girl's school, two exits from Wal-Mart, with a pond, for just $2 million.

Sounds great right?

I know you're wondering, what makes me think I'll win MORE than $2 million. Simple, the lottery is a game of chance. As long as I'm not putting all my eggs in that one basket, and playing for fun, every once and a while... I have as much of a chance, as the next person.

No, winning the lottery to purchase this property was not my first option. I asked a few friends and family members for $2 million. Surprisingly, no one has that type of money laying around. My rich uncle has not come out of the poor house, and I thought against going to the bank. Actually, I only need $200,000 down. My best friend laughed at me, as if I wasn't serious. I am. Yes, I am very serious. I have plans.


hurstburst said...

I'm now following you as per the instructions on Following the Leader. Speaking From the Crib also suggested I check you out.

I think you should go for more than just $2 million; once you have that property, you have to furnish it somehow!

Chaotically Calm said...

Well I wish you the best of luck. When you get the land I expect to get a picture update.

If I were to win this money I would first and foremost pay off my debt and my mom's debt. Second I would take a 1yr leave of absence from work to devote to travel around the world seeing tons of places and write my sceenplay. Oh I think I need to get in on those tickets.

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

Came over from Following the leader. I look forward to getting to know you through your posts.

mr. nichols said...

sounds like a plan. most people don't have a concrete answer as to what they'll do if they won so it's good to see you got it all mapped out. i'm with chaotically calm that i would be traveling and writing. but you're thinking smart to invest in property.

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