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Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm Becoming a Germ-A-Phob

As a college instructor, I come in contact with more than a few students, directly and indirectly. Each year I give my students the 'cold and flu' season speech, around January, or a shortly thereafter. This year I gave it early, and it went a little something like this... Wash your hands, cough and sneeze into your elbow, if you have fever, DO NOT come to class! I also had to add, avoid touching door knobs, no shaking hands, and don't touch your face!

In my neck of the woods 'cold and flu' season never ended. People have had, shared and passed along the flu all summer, and it's picking up momentum. Four of my children have been sick, two with the flu. Generally, when one gets a virus of some sort, it goes through the house, skipping Mr. husband, and attacking me last. I always get it THE WORST!

With the CDC's warning, and the flu picking up steam, I'm NOT taking things for granite. Because I come in contact with college students, who live in dormitories, and have four children in public schools, I am waaaay nervous.
Just like having sex with someone, you're also sleeping with their previous partners. Using that principle... If my children, along with my students are coming in contact with others who are infected and coughing and sneezing into their hands, touching door knobs, stair rails and who knows what else... what are they bringing to me?! NASTY.germs.that's.what!

It almost makes me want to wear a mask, latex gloves, and before entering a class, give each student a few drops of hand sanitizer.

Going into stores, baby girl and I wipe down the shopping cart handles, with the wipes provided. We hope to kill all viruses waiting for us. As soon as I pump gas, I'm using my hand sanitizer. And at my cousin's funeral, he was Catholic, I almost puked when the priest, and three other people drank out of the same goblet. I know it's their customs and traditions, but just the thought of passing germs, made me nauseous!

A week ago, waiting patiently at the deli meat counter, I nervously watched as two gloved women touched counters, and frozen or raw chicken with the gloves. Thoughts of germ transfers danced in my head. Finally, gloved lady number two removed hers, washed her hands, and put on a new pair all in my field of view. Whew, I didn't have to ask her to do it. But I will!

I know this all seems very OCD. Like I said, I'm usually the last one to get sick and I get it worse than everyone else. No one takes care of me, like I take care of them. So, it's up to me to stay as healthy as I can. If you see me wearing a mask, and no one else is, I haven't lost my mind. I'm just being cautious!


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I think we are a bit more germaphobic than usual. Who wouldn't be with the swine flu here all summer??

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