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Monday, September 21, 2009

Flying Alone

Last weekend was my fifth time ever flying, and I did it alone.

I drove myself 40 minutes to the airport. Making it past the check point without being strip searched, relaxed me a little, breathing was easier. Although I was in compliance, I was ready just in case. You know clean and matching underwear, and lotioned from head to toe! Your parents tell you to wear clean underwear in case of emergency. What they fail to tell is make sure you're not ashy!

I felt like a big girl. That was until I realized my seat "A," was A.Window.Seat! The up side was being right behind first class. The leg room was awesome!

Note to self: Don't fly first class. It's a total waist of money! We were separated by only a curtain, that no one closed. There's NO party going on up there. And who wants a germ infested pillow, someone else has had. Ewww!

On the first leg of the trip, I was in seat "A," and a very stoic older gentleman sat in "C." Relief, "B" was empty. There was no awkward closeness.

Take off felt like a roller coaster ride, how it gets your stomach. I hate roller coasters, for that reason. I'm praying, praying, praying. I look over at Mr. Stoic, and he appears to be praying too. That's a good thing!

Finally, leveling off, I was raised the window, a few inches at a time. The clouds were absolutely beautiful! It looked like a sea of white. As far as the eye could see, mountains of clouds.

Then we descend, a roller coaster, again!

Boarding the second plane, we walked down stairs and through a door leading to... outside. What?!? In the four times I've previously flown, I never walked outside! Waiting through door ONLY ONE was a toy plane. Again, I'm by the window. Shade Down!

For the second time, first class was a rip-off. There was not even a curtain. The only perk was they got to board first. Big Deal!

This time, I'm uncomfortably close the woman sitting in "B." I smell her perfume. She's way too close!

The plane was so small, there was not even a flight attendant. The co-pilot walked the floor making seat checks. I'm so not kidding!

As the plane started to taxi toward the runway, there was a weird burning smell coming through the vents. S-l-o-w-ing down, STOP! An announcement from the cockpit followed, we would be returning to the terminal, for maintenance to check the plane. Actually, we changed plans, Thank God.

Up in the air, and over the wild blue yonder, second attempt at lift off was successful! Once again, I was mesmerized by the clouds. Once over St. Louis, I peered out the window, at lines, grids, and plots along the ground. Tree tops looked like broccoli florets, where cars look like ants marching.
My first time flying by myself, wasn't so bad. Although, I'd rather travel with someone I know, whose fragrance I'm familiar with.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I love to fly. My son hates it. I told him the only we are ever going anywhere other than to school or the grocery store is to fly, so get over it or stay home!

♥georgie♥ said...

I am not a fan of the friendly skies...on that 2nd plane trip where you turned around i prolly would have rented a car and drove the rest of the way ....I just dont like to fly...

Café Chick said...

As a reasonably frequent flyer for work purposes, I still really love taking off and landing but hate roller coasters. How does that make sense? In my experience, any time I hear an announcement saying that we will be departing late due to a mechanical problem, I'd much rather the 'fixers' took all the time they needed to sort it out instead of rushing to get the plane off on time and risk missing something vital, like a strategically placed bolt! LOL - happy flying. :-)

Chaotically Calm said...

Hola La'Tonya

You're so right my mom always left me with the clean undies speech but I had to come up with that don't be ashy on my own, ha ha.

Now even with being the frequent flyer vet that I am the small planes you have to walk to still give me a bit of the skeevies. I just have that feeling we are going to get blown out of the sky, could just be me. I also don't like it when overly talkative folk sit next to me. This is annoying because I normally have work to finish and Mr. I Wanna Talk Your Ear Off is just going to visit old chums. This gets my goat.

Side note I like take off, but then again I like roller coasters....but I hate landing it still makes me slightly anxious.

mr. nichols said...

I've flown more times than I can count. But I've never had a first class seat. I think the extra leg room is the only real perk, but it seems like you still had that taken care of.

I used to like flying, but it's annoying now. Mainly because the food is horrible. And the space is tight. I do love roller coasters though.

And you're definitely right about the missing "ashy" part of that speech. Especially post 9-11, when a bottle of lotion can get you pinned quickly.

Cocktails with Mom said...

I've flown before and probaly would again but would probaly never get used to it.

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