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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Q & A

Outside of the regular stuff, keys, money ... I always carry a camera in my purse. I never know when I'll come across the perfect drive by shooting opportunity, (something worthy of a picture), or my kids doing something amazing. I may also need a camera to take a picture as evidence.

What's the one thing you always carry in your purse (wallet)?


Run DMT said...

I've always got my camera too. Hand santizer is a must with my messy ones, as you may have noticed from the "nose picktures". LOL Less funny, I have to pack two Epipens. I am highly allergic to walnuts and my youngest in allergic to bees.

Natural said...

always my camera, although i did leave it home yesterday by mistake, today on purpose, but that still counts, right.

i always need to have my itouch or some reading material.

TheTinyJEWELBox said...

I ALWAYS have my blackberry, my kindle and my camera. ALWAYS.

Mocha Dad said...

I keep a camera in my pocket.

mr. nichols said...

I definitely don't have a purse, but in my pocket at all times, I have to have two pens. I always keep the pen because I know I have random thoughts/ideas in the middle of the day and I need to right them down. And I keep a spare in case one runs out of ink.

ajgallion said...

Hmmm. I carry an array of useless crushed and wrinkled receipts from Walgreens! Somebody help me!

Single & Married said...

Wow...I dont carry a purse since I lived in NYC. I am pretty lame I guess!

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