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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Seriously, Don't Try This At Home!!!

Kool-Aid is a staple in our house. We mix flavors, as well as add other drinks to it, such as juice, soda, or tea, making it our own. When Mr. Husband comes in and the picture's empty we hear "Who drank up all the Kool-Aid?"

When the kids open the canister, and there's no Kool-Aid, I hear, "Maaa-maaaa, we NEED Kool-Aid."

Kool-Aid has become more than a drink. Kids add salt or sugar and eat it as a treat. It makes the most vibrant Easter eggs, and wonderful for craft projects. Adding Kool-Aid to homemade clay gives it a pop of color, and a delicious fragrance. In high school, (just a few years ago), girls colored their hair with it. Yes, colored their hair.

I'm sure Kool-Aid has many other purposes. Maybe even one day we'll find out it's a miracle drink, that will cure all ailments. Until that day, there is one thing the famous drink mix of many flavors IS NOT good for, Kool-Aid Pie! Yes, I said, Kool.Aid.Pie!

In my Oral Communication class last week, my students gave informative, how-to speeches. One young lady's speech was "How-to make Kool-Aid pie."

I was so taken by this recipe, because my family loves Kool-Aid, and it was so
simple. Add one package of Kool-Aid to one can of sweet and condensed milk, stir well. Mix in one 8 oz. package of Cool Whip. Pour mixture into a graham cracker crust. Chill before serving. They would love it right?

Twelve year old daughter made the pie, while made dinner. After finishing the pies, she and thirteen year old daughter licked the spoons.

"This is good," said twelve year old daughter.

"Taste like Laffy Taffy," said thirteen year old daughter.

"I'm telling you right now, I'm not eating any of it," said baby girl.

And no one licked the bowl!

After dinner, Mr. Husband was first to try (insert trumpet flare here) The Kool.Aid.PIE.Pie.Pie. "Don't make this any more," he declared, with a sour look on his face .

We then sat around trying to think of who we could give a whole pie, plus one missing a VERY thin slice. (We doubled the recipe.) Does any one have Mikey's number?


MaranathaMom said...

Just read through a few of your posts. I LOVE your writing. Can I be like you when I turn 40?

La'Tonya Richardson said...

MaranthaMom, there's plenty of room in the 40s club. Come on in!

Natural said...

I remember growing up with kool-aid and tons of sugar. It was a cheap drink, I think.

But kool-aid pie, i don't think so. :)

mr. nichols said...

LOL @ "Don't make this anymore." I feel that. The drink I can do, but I would stay away from the pie. It's one of those things that I think are just better in theory.

ajgallion said...

Kool Aid Pie? That's scary just in concept! Sounds like you'd need to drink lots of water after a slice, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Kool_Aid Pie. Who would have thought?!

cardiogirl said...

While not a huge fan o' Kool-Aid I thought the pie sounded good. For some reason we never, ever had Kool-Aid at our house, don't know why.

I had to go over to the twins' house around the corner to get my Kool-Aid fix. Why does food always taste better at someone else's house?

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