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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pisstivity is my Motivation!

Recently, I've been looking for Motivation, and she's been hiding like the coward she is. I asked, if anyone found her, send her home. She's been hanging out on the corner of Pisstivity and Aggravation!

A couple of years ago, I was threatening to exercise and lose weight! I'd talk about it, talk about it, and watch people on TV exercise. They looked as if they were benefitting. I even started printing and collecting exercises from and But it wasn't until Mr. Husband said I was taking good care of him, for the next wife. I was pissed!

The truth hurts. And it cut me deep! Not long after that conversation, I got off my butt and got moving, losing 18 pounds. Pissed about his statement, I decided then I would out live him! If I died early, they'd spend my life insurance, find another wife and mom, and wouldn't even keep my picture out. Bull crap!

This year I've gained 9 lbs. back. Recently, I professed to be 'Back on the wagon.' Confession, I've not been die hard.

Sunday, we gave my oldest daughter a cake for her birthday. And yes, I had a small piece of cake, and a scoop and a half, of ice cream. Mr. Husband with his looks, and comments said, "Keep on with the cake and ice cream, you'll be at 200 lbs. before you know it."

OH. NO. HE. DIDN'T! It's on... IT. IS. ON!!!

Monday: I played Tennis.

Tuesday: Motivation did a drive by. I walked. She knows I don't like walking round, and round a track without someone to talk to, or music! My walk was cut from an hour to 35 minutes. I fixed her though, by doing 200 crunches, and I THOUGHT about doing curls.

Today: I'm hitting the jump rope.

Mr. Husband doesn't even know he found Motivation. And I'm not telling! I'll let him take credit for something else, like the crazy things the kids do!


mr. nichols said...

As long as you found that sneaky little thing called Motivation, that's all that matters right? I can already tell you have the discipline, which is 90 percent of it. Have you and your husband ever worked out together? They say that is good for motivation too and brings couples closer. [sidebar] no I don't know who "they" are. [end sidebar]

La'Tonya Richardson said...

I don't know who "They," are either, but clearly "They," don't have a CLUE! We tried that once a long time ago, (when I didn't need to exercise, just wanted to get in shape). What exercising will get you is DIVORCED!

Mr. Husband has always been in good shape. When he had the time he worked out regularly. He can be a slave driver in the gym, forgetting I'm his wife, and that he loves me! I've heard this from other wives who try to work out with their husbands.

If your wife EVER asks you to help her work out, say NO! And run!

Natural said...

good for you. sometimes it's hard to get going. i moved my workouts, mainly to the morning, at 5 am. not much can get in the way at that hour, except the computer. :) tomorrow i work out at the gym - at work.

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