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Monday, July 20, 2009

New Career Options

The recession, current economy, along with the rate of company's cutting back, and closing their doors has made me think about other career options. If for some reason, I should lose my job as a college instructor, I would pursue a career in law enforcement. A detective, or crime scene investigator, to be exact, maybe even forensics.

I have received the best training via, Law & Order: Criminal Intent & Special Victims Unit; CSI, CSI Miami & New York; along with Without A Trace and Cold Case. After watching all of those show, old and new helping them solve cases with an 80% accuracy. I figure that would be a good career choice.

I've helped Callie calculate the trajectory of many bullets, and Eric analyze crime scenes on CSI Miami. Jack the team and I have been very successful in finding missing persons on Without A Trace. And some of those cases were very hard, as if people had vanished in thin air.

I wouldn't need much training, just hand me a badge, a vest, and give me a nice car, the Hummer on CSI Miami, is nice! I almost forgot about a gun. I'll only need a few lessons, I'm a quick study. Give me all the cold case files, and I'll have them solved within a couple of months.

There are a few requirements: I have to have the same schedule, I'll start each morning by 9 a.m and clock out by 3 p.m., I have to pick the kids up. And no weekends. Summers, they're not good for me, 20 hours a week only.

And if the law enforcement doesn't work out, maybe reality TV. I can keep it real!


Chaotically Calm said...

LOL...I too <3 the list of shows you've run down. You also know that you need a pair of comfortable shoes. Of course they do all the work fitted in a fantabulous pair of pumps but a diva knows blood is hard to get out of leather without causing some type of irreparable damage.

Side note and I realize this makes me a super dork but I don't care, my cats are named Benson and Stabler after the main characters on SVU.

If you like these shows you might also like Snapped and Women Behind Bars they come on WE (Women Entertainment network), of course they don't have all the flash and pizzazz of the ficticious shows but it's real life crime drama!!!

mr. nichols said...

"And no weekends. Summers, they're not good for me." Holla! I must confess I've never gotten into the forensic shows. I've seen a few but I wasn't a die-hard follower. I was watching 24 or The Wire usually, even though both of those have a good amount of detective work. And there are definitely enough reality shows out there. Wipeout?

ajgallion said...

In that case, I may have a shot at being a surgeon -- Izzie and Meredith have taught me everything I need to know!

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