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Friday, June 5, 2009

Things My Son Needs To Know

Trying to get a hose for my car, the young man in the parts department needed my VIN ( Vehicle Identification Number). I called my 16 year old son, who is at home because it's summer break you know, and told him where to look for the VIN.

Of course he didn't see it. I tried my best to explain, it's the barcodey looking thing in the door jam. Still, he didn't see it. Instead, we had to go with the insurance information in the car. It has the VIN number on it, you know.

The wheels on the bus started going round and round, (That's me thinking). That's something a guy should know. Why a guy??? I don't know, I just figured so. The wheels started really turning... What a great idea for a post, a list of things my son, or any other guy in general should know. Here goes.

Guys should know or learn:

1. Where to find the VIN number on any vehicle they're driving. Did you know in newer vehicles it's on the dash board???

2. Pump gas, check the oil, and change a flat tire. Hey, pumping gas sounds elementary, but you'd be surprised. I'm not talking about pumping until it turns off. Stopping it yourself can be a little tricky. You'll end up pumping more than you have money for. Then what do you do???

3. Wash his own clothes!!! I mean seperate the colors, from the whites, and delicates. And that suit that says dry clean only means, TAKE IT TO THE CLEANERS!!!

4. Make at least 5 basic meals, including his favorite. Microwaving noodles doesn't count!

5. Unclog a sink.

6. Unstop a toilet, and change out the ball and chain dealy inside.

7. Clean a bathroom, especially the toilet.

8. Change out a light switch.

9. Shake hands. This should actually be number ONE. I hate it when a man shakes your hand and gives you the cold fish! Makes me want to hit him in the throat!!!

10. How to hold a conversation. Again, I know this one sounds basic. But texting has ruined our kids! Every thing is abbreviated, short and to the point. They can't verbally tell you what's on their minds, but they can text it!

So far he's eight for ten, on this list. That means we've got some work to do. And of course I'll be adding to this list all summer. I realize one of these days, he'll take care of a family of his own, and calling the repair man for everything is costly. Every man should have a little McGyver in him. Mr. Husband saves us a lot of money, with his McGyver skills.


mr. nichols said...

Hey La'Tonya, great post! It was funny and very enlightening. As a man, of course, I was going down the list and checking them off, and I had a few questions:

3. You mean clothes have to be separated? Since when?

4. I know you said no microwave noodles but spaghetti counts right?

6. Are you talking in the bathroom or in a relationship?

This was a great post and I look forward to reading more.

Café Chick said...

Our young flatmate (22) recently came to us and proclaimed that he knew whites and colours needed to be separated, but what does he do with shirts which have stripes? :-D

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Mr. Nichols
OMG! Yes, No, and Bathroom! LOL.

Cafe Chick
Now that's funny! That sounds like my highly intellectual daughter, who thinks way too much. Now that's a whole other post on what my daughters need to know!

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