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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Mother's Day Wish List

Commercials for Mother's Day gifts have been abundant lately. Advertisements for flowers, cards, candy and much more are on TV and radio. My kids heard something that sounded interesting to them, and asked when will Daddy be home? I figured then, while they're getting ideas together, now is the chance to let them know exactly what I want.

I could use a lot of things, and want a couple dozen others. Actually my wish list, if you can call it a list, for Mother's Day is very short and simple!

I turned to my children and said, "I want my feet and nails done for Mother's Day."

In the presence of my husband later, I mentioned, I would like a manicure, and pedicure for Mother's Day. There, that was twice. I was once told, If you want people to remember something, it must be said at least three times. Just a couple of days ago, trying to use my raggedy electric can opener, I fussed, "I hate this thing!" One of my daughters said, "That would be a good idea for a Mother's Day gift."

"No it won't," I responded. "I would like a mani - pedi for Mother's Day," There. I said for the third time. Then I reminded them that I've said it before. But of course, no one remembered.

New plan. For the next three days, I will leave subliminal messages. "I want a mani -pedi!" Let's see if that works.


The Bumbles said...

Tape the nail salon's business card to the can opener. But then again, you're probably the only one to use the can opener.

Puglette said...

hi! thank you for stoping by my blog today. i say tape a note to the refrigerator letting hubby know just what you want. subliminal messages do not work in my house. ;o)

Sudeep said...

Hey ,
Cool list....
Thanks for commenting and my blog too .

Café Chick said...

My mother eventually told us that she wanted a manicure-pedicure and a facial for Christmas ... but only used the voucher last week for her birthday! I'm really glad she could have some pampering. I just wish she could have dropped hints earlier instead of saying "nothing" until a few days for Christmas! I hope you get your Mother's Day treat. :-)

Eight Women Dream said...

Thank you for stopping by our little blog experiment. Your blog fits in so well with ours that I am going to add you to our blog roll. I agree with Puglette about taping it on the refrig - or better - straight in front of him where he goes to the bathroom - either standing up or sitting down. It is their other office...

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