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Friday, April 3, 2009

Not Bifocals Already, I'm Only 40!

I was coaxed into seeing my eye doctor this week. I had already walked around a few days with my left eye squinted shut. My cousin suggested something could actually be wrong.

Initially, the plan was to get the scratchy eye thing taken care of. I figured, since I was going, why not have an eye exam? I was due one, (the free one we pay for as part of the vision plan).
The doctor prescribed drops for my eyes… expected that.

My eyes have changed a little, and he adjusted the prescription accordingly… expected that too.

“I’m prescribing bifocals,” blind-sided me. That was so unexpected!

“Bifocals?” I chocked!

My eyes were bucked, and mouth wide open. I reminded myself of Jim Carey in the first Mask, where his eyes popped out of his head, extending about 10 inches.

“I’m not ready for bifocals. I’m only 40,” I told him.

The doctor tried to console me. He explained, I could get lineless bifocals, and no one will be able to tell. That was not the problem, I’m not vain. It’s the IDEA of wearing bifocals that bothers me! I’m only 40 (SCREAMING LOUDLY)!

As a kid, I remember my grandparents and great-grandparents wearing bifocals, and they were like 180 years old. But they looked good. My parents both wear bifocals. First my mother, at 50, and my father not too long ago and they are 62, and 63. There is a certain stigma associated with bifocals… being old. I’m only 40 years old, and bifocals are not for 40 year-olds. Especially 40 year-olds who look 26, like I do.

I don’t think I know anyone around my age wearing bifocals. A true sign of aging is a loss of hearing, memory and sight.

For some time now, my memory hasn’t been the greatest. That’s another post, for another day. But… my sight not being what it used to be bothers me, just a little.


♥georgie♥ said...

Oh my hubby was just prescribed bifocals and I think his reaction was very similar to yours...only thing is he is vain lol he is balding and knows if he looses a hair...stopping by from
to say hi

Shady Grove Eye Vision Care said...

Bifocals have an additional power on the bottom part of the lens to aid close focus in presbyopic people so they can see far and close with one lens.

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