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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Trains And A Heep of History

Yesterday, I took my PR class on a little field trip to the Arkansas Railroad Museum. This museum is a treasure of trains and memorabilia from the days of Cotton Belt Route of the St. Louis Southwestern Railway. I snapped a few pictures, and couldn't wait to share.

The building where the museum is located is the original machine shop
built in 1894, for heavy steam locomotive repair.

The uniforms of Henry Ford's cook and porters for the Fairlane car. 
The rail car was named for his Fair Lane Estate.   

Wood Caboose, circa 1920

Wood stoves that heated the engine or caboose.


The famed 819 Steam Engine, the very last one of its kind built in Pine Bluff,
and the state of Arkansas. She was in service February 8, 1943 and retire in 1955,
during that time running to Fordyce, AR, Tyler TX, and St. Louis, MO.



Hangingwithangie said...

Love going to unique museums like these.

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