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Friday, June 1, 2012

100 Days Coca - Cola Free

Today marks 100 Days that I've been Coca - Cola free! I still can't believe I made it this long! In March I wrote One Day At A Time explaining how I accidentally ended up on a Coke fast. Then it turned into, let me try going 100 days... And here I am!

Mr. Husband said for years, "If you just stop drinking Coke, you'll probably drop 5 - 10 pounds."

I believed him! I just knew 10 pounds would fall off in the first 30 days... no such luck. Even with walking, and cutting back I've not lost 10 pounds. There were some changes, for the first month or so, I couldn't talk right and forgot things mid-sentence. My students laughed, and made jokes about me missing Coke.

It hasn't been easy, there were days I had hard cravings, mostly in the morning. I finally understood why I wanted it early in the day. I'd usually make my way to the convenience store after the kids left for school. There were days I wanted to say forget it, and guzzle one down.

Coke has been a staple accompaning foods like Chinese, barbecue, pizza and any time we ate out. Cooking dinner was another Coke time of the day, I'd cook, and sip, cook and sip.

Coca - Cola is still my drink of choice. I don't plan to go back to drinking it every day, but tomorrow... I plan to enjoy at least a glass of Coke, and savor it!


Mrs. Pancakes said...

that's pretty incredible...way to go!

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