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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Idea Clinic - Week 3

Week three of Idea Clinic, designed to cultivatefresh, and interesting writing ideas for Kicka$$ Content,  promises to be just as interesting as weeks one and two.

Materials Needed:

Idea Notebook (See week one for details)

Week 3 - Magazine Exercise

Chose three magazines, with one of another genre than your blog. Browse, read, and analyze ads, articles, and pictures for post ideas. Log five ideas in your idea notebook. Consider the following:

For Articles:
  • After reading an article what questions do you have? Your readers may have those same questions.
  • What do you think the article left out? There is room for a certain number of words. Articles may provide one angle, when there are several. What angle can you provide? 
  • What else would you contribute to the article?
For Ads:
  • What products/services in those ads do you love... Why?
  • Which product/service have you wanted to try? This is your opportunity. Buy it, try it, and tell your readership about the experience.
  • Don't forget about product reviews.
One of my favorite places to browse magazines is the doctor's office. There are magazines I like, some I've never heard of... Although I'm not a golfer, and would generally look over Golf Digest, there maybe articles, ads, or pictures that will spark a great post idea.

My second favorite is when standing in line 10 deep, at the grocery store. I've found blogging, and dinner ideas, as well as a summer lip color standing in line browsing magazines.

Assignment: With one of those ideas brainstorm, research, interview, and/or make a visit. Write a post before next Tuesday, making it work for your blog. Don't forget to link your post in the comments of this post.
If you're just joining the idea clinic, you can catch up.

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